You have finally sold your home and are ready for the next stage of your life in a new place. But how do you know where to start? Before the movers arrive, there’s a lot of legwork to be done. Here are five tips to get your move organized and make it successful.

1. Get organized

First, you have to get organised. Moving a home involves minute tasks such as packing up drawers, finding enough boxes for your belongings, and keeping them all together in their distinct categories. Organizing items according to where they should be

2. Don’t feel that you have to take everything with you.

We all accumulate junk and extra unnecessary belongings over the years. Part of getting organised involves de-cluttering your existing house so nothing unwanted gets carried over to your new one.

3. Have Plenty of Supplies Available.

Well sought after moving tips are sure to include the need to have enough boxes for packing. Get more than you will need because you will probably need much more than you think. Having more than you need is better than not having enough, and it can save you quite a bit of time to be prepared with plenty of packing supplies. Remember that you will also need padding material and strong packing tape as well as boxes. If you do not use all of the supplies that you have, you can return them after everything is in the truck.

4. Pack valuable items with extra care.

Family heirlooms, antiques, and expensive pieces of art should be handled gently and given more attention. Knowing that these items are packed correctly will give you one less thing to worry about.
Pack Items that You don’t Use Daily Ahead of Time
More on the last point, you should take the time to pack any items that you will not use well before moving day so that you do not have to worry about that during the last minute rush.

5. Store Items in Luggage and Wardrobe Boxes

Use any luggage or wardrobe boxes you have, to fill and transport your items. This will allow you to save space and pack your items more efficiently. Don’t let any space go to waste when you start packing up your items!

6. Involve your family members

It is also important to remember to involve your family members. Don’t try to do everything by yourself. Friends and family are the great help in packing and labeling. For perfectionists or those who don’t live near family, hiring movers to help you can go a long way to getting you moved quickly and efficiently.

7. Inform people about your move.

Pick up the change of address forms from the post office, tell your relatives, your office and others about your new residence. If necessary, cancel gym and other memberships for your old area.

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