Renovating your house with a touch of Scandinavian style can bring out the history of your home while still giving a modern feel to your living space.

The hallmarks of decorating Scandinavian include focusing on mild, simple colors or greys, reds, and whites. The use of natural wood materials helps to give a natural feeling to your home. The nature of this style of décor is to draw function and warmth to the room without drawing attention to the furniture.


As mention previously, mild paired colors are key for creating the Scandinavian atmosphere. When renovating your home focus on the creating straight visual lines across the room. The duller colors used simultaneously blend the room together while removing stark and harsh edges. Utilize natural lighting sources as much as possible.

When designing your indoor space, make connections to your outdoor space. Traditional Scandinavian culture values the outdoors. By creating a room that either connects to the outdoors or mimics outdoor space can help you capture the love of the outdoors, and add additional functionality to your room.

Interior Décor

Simplify your living spaces and make them livable. The Scandinavian style prefers function over fashion. Get rid of the bulky and flashy decorations that adorn your home, and focus your attention on furniture designed for comfort and stability. Also, minimize the amount of furniture in your room. If a piece of furniture doesn’t have a clear and useful purpose, remove it.

When selecting the materials in for your furniture stick to wood. Yes, wood. Scandinavians tend to prefer the natural look to their homes, and wood is easier to come by than metals. Wood is also a simple material that adds to the muted look of your colors and straight lines of the room.

For the lighting sources in your new home, use pendant style lights. This inexpensive choice is characterized by their hanging nature. By hanging the lights you remove a need for additional tables to house the lamps, and you can place the lights out of the way. Having the lights out of the way adds more living space and function to any room.


Even if you don’t own your own home and are renting you can easily incorporate the Scandinavian style. Scandinavian floor lamps are designed to provide the light you need without taking up valuable space. They have the look of wood materials, and often are tall enough to project lighting to a wide area.

The limited space in most flats is overcome with the simplified linear design. Choose couches, chairs, and tables with grey and white coloration and non-curved edges. Matching the color and shape will make an illusion of additional space in a room, and the square edges fit easier into a traditional room layout.