As much as windows are essential for the provision of light, air ventilation which provides freshness and warmth, they utilize a lot of energy thereby negatively impacting the house energy system. It is for this reason that Sunlux roofs have invented a wide range of energy efficient rooms that will enable to cut on the energy cost allowing you to save more on your budget. Energy efficient windows from Sunlux roof windows are designed to lower on the energy consumption with the creation of a serene home environment. We will discuss each of them in this article.

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Triple Glazed Vinyl

Triple glazed vinyl windows increase energy efficiency through its design. They absorb passive solar energy during the day and stores this heat energy for a considerable long time to keep the house warm during winter. Additionally, the keep the house cool during summer by preventing direct sunlight into the home. They are also airtight and durable thanks to the three-fold panes designed with sustainable materials.

Triple Glazed Wood Frame Window

Do you prefer wood over metal? This will be the perfect window for your home. Apart from being energy proven, wood offers an ideal house interior with a warm, cozy and inviting feeling. Wood enhances energy utilization since it’s a poor heat conductor, therefore, maintains warmth during winter and keeps the house cool during summer.

Gas Filled Windows

Gas filled windows are still a new concept and has not been fully explored. The windows are filled with a gas having poor energy conducting capabilities such as argon or xenon. The gas is pumped into the gaps between the two planes then tightly sealed. Heat energy conduction is thus minimized between the windows thus promoting energy efficiency. However, the gas-filled between the windows such as krypton could be highly explosive therefore pose a significant danger to the house inhabitants.

It is essential to buy this roof windows from Sunlux Limited since they offer the best price, online purchases with fast delivery. Change your house window now to realize maximum energy efficiency and enable you to budget.