People extend their houses for different reasons. Some may have additional family and have seen the need to have more family space, some may just want to improve the condition and outlook of their houses, some just want to have a bigger space but find buying a new bigger house very expensive yet others just want to keep up with the trend in their neighbourhood. whatever the reasons you may be having on a personal level, there are various facts you must know about extending you home for the project to move on in a good way and be successful. Everything you should know about house extensions are explained below:

You should clearly define the reason for your extension.

Know the exact objective you want to achieve with your house extension project. Do you want to create more rooms for your family members? Do you want a home office? This knowledge will a go a long way in defining the exact plan of your house extension project. The plan determines the success.

You need to have a detailed and documented plan.

Involve experts in structural engineering areas such as architects to help you come up with a plan of what you expect to have. They should give you proper advice and make adjustment to your previous thoughts where necessary. You need to know the materials required and have a detailed budget of the various costs involved and the timelines of the extension.

Have adequate finance

You need to have a reliable source of money that is able to finance the house extension to completion. You should not be stranded in the middle because you have run out of money.

Your plan must be approved

The construction authority in your area need to approve your plan and give you a go ahead to commence you project. Ensure you comply with this legal requirement.

For example see the City of London planning permission:

You need to inform your neighbours

This is especially so if you share a wall with these neighbours and the work that is going to be done is likely to have an impact on the quality of life they lead. They need to know that there may be noise during the work.

Proper timing is key

You need to choose a time that may not have massive interruption to the life you lead with you family. This is mainly when there are no major family events. You also need to look at a suitable weather when working will be easy and smooth.

Work with professionals

This is to ensue you get quality for money spent. All those involved from architects to engineers to the builders themselves must have a record of doing the best possible.