Choosing the right entryway to your home can be an overwhelming experience. With a wide variety of interior and exterior doors in the market, you can comfortably select one model that suits your classical or contemporary home setting. Based on the material, design and brand; some types are best suited for exterior use while others have been designed to complete your home’s interior décor. If you are looking for some of the best interior door designs and models for your building/ renovation project; we’ve got you covered. Here are the best 7 door types to consider for your home.

1. Aluminum door

This is one of the best choices of metal doors you can get in the market due to its lightweight nature. Aluminum can withstand adverse environmental conditions making it a durable and convenient material. Its lightweight nature means it doesn’t transfer a large load to the Foundation hence minimal to no chances of damage to your structure. There are various aesthetic designs compatible with Aluminum doors hence can be used both in interior and exterior locations.

2. Wooded doors

Wood/timber has stood the test of time as a convenient material used in the design of doors and windows. Some of the main advantages include the ease of availability & design and the wide variety available in the market. Depending on the location you want to use the wooden door; there are various models based on longevity properties and cost.

3. Glass doors

Glass is usually used for paneling, however; some models qualify as complete doors used in specific locations. Most glass door models are used on the backside/ backyard of a house since it provides an unobstructed view. Front door glass models are also available in the market where durability and privacy have been taken care of. These doors need proper maintenance to avoid unnecessary damages and repairs.

4. PVC doors

This is made of plastic material that has been treated and hardened to boost longevity and quality. PVC doors are popular in the market where they come in various designs and colours. Some of the advantages of using PVC doors in your home is due to their anti-corrosive, moisture resistant, durable, lightweight and termite free properties. PVC doors are also easy to design, fabricate and install. They are mostly used as interior doors.

5. Battened & Ledged doors

This type is one the oldest and most common door designs still available in the market. The basic structure of the door consists of vertical battens of woods usually grove and tongue-jointed. Three ledges placed horizontally are usually provided at the top, bottom and at the middle of the door. These door designs are durable and quite economical. They are best used as toilet/ bathroom doors.

6. Framed & paneled doors

These doors are made of wood and the shutter panels made of plywood, timber, block board or hardboard. Framed doors can be customized to fit any home setting making it aesthetically pleasing. The flexibility of designs and durability makes this type a much-preferred option for use at any location of your home.

7. Steel doors

A steel door is a reliable and sturdy option for use both as interior and exterior doors. Steel doors can be hollow or solid depending on your preference. High-quality steel doors are made from cold coiled mild-steel where precision and keen crafting is critical. Such designs are also available in beautiful shades with a variety of wood grain texturing. Steel doors provide the best of privacy, durability and security.